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WB Components LLC has earned a reputation for the superb craftsmanship of every product it manufactures. That's why many fine homes are covered by our trusses. They are your assurance that, even if you can't see them, the structural components over your head are of the highest quality. Our trusses are engineered by ITW Building Components Group, which maintains the industry's largest and most experienced staff of truss engineers. ITW's on-going research and testing programs have kept it on the leading edge of progress for over 42 years. In fact, structural components designed and engineered by ITW are used in one of every five homes built in the U. S. today.

It's also nice to learn that the ITW products manufactured by WB Components are accepted by all major model codes and required agencies. All components are built in a quality-controlled environments using only the highest quality materials. Our trusses save labor by defining both roof and ceiling plans and are engineered for specific load criteria in your region.

So, while you may not be able to see the WB components - because they're covered by roofing material, ceilings or walls - it's comforting to know they are of the finest quality.

Isn't that what you deserve?

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